About Us

Here at Panatieri’s Flemington, we pride ourselves on being one big family. We have been a family run pizzeria for over two decades, and our traditions are three generations old. Our owner Joe Bonfantino is a second generation pizza maker. He was trained by his father while growing up in his pizzeria just like how he trains his son Giovanni now, the soon to be third generation pizza maker. Joe’s wife, Isabella, has been a great hostess since their days at Ferraro’s in Somerville. Although her role has changed over the years, she is still excited to interact with all of you. Her eye in the kitchen has always been one of the best. If you needed an idea for dinner she would give you the perfect recommendation.

Upon entering our shop you will see a counter full of the different pizzas. We have great pride in our pizza counter and its variety, from the traditional cheese and pepperoni pizzas, to our specialty pies like the Brooklyn and Jersey! Our staff prepares our products with recipes from Joe’s parents. These recipes over time have developed and our employees have turned them into the amazing food you bring home to your family, just like we do with ours.

We give our customers two options to enjoy our delicious food. Either coming in and visiting the pizzeria to pick up their take out, or having one of our drivers deliver it right to their door! We also have many catering options so you can enjoy our food with company at your next celebration.

Thank you for all the support over these two decades and we look forward to many more!